What is Girls in the Lead?

Sport is one of the best tools to promote gender equality (SDG5) worldwide. Girls in the Lead promotes gender equality by empowering girl’s and women’s organizations in the field of sport for development. Built up from the grassroots knowledge of Boxgirls and our international partners Girls in the Lead creates interactive online learning platform for other sport for development organizations, making them stronger, more resilient and able to serve more girls and women in their communities.


Sports for Development organizations have not reached their full potential. We can learn together to improve on child protection, program design, understanding our impact, and growing the resources we need to serve our communities. Many organizations have created innovative strategies to promote girls’ and women’s leadership, but it is not able to be scaled. There does not exist an international platform that allows for collaboration, exchange of ideas, best practices, and knowledge transfer.


Girls in the Lead provides a common platform that helps in three critical ways: (1) Improving the organizational capacity of established organizations through program design, impact assessment, and advocacy. (2) Opening opportunities for professional exchange for partner organizations, fostering the South to North transfer of knowledge and skills. (3) Enhancing global advocacy for the aims and work of girls’ and women’s empowerment projects and organizations.

The goal of Girls in the Lead is to reach more supporters so we can continue supporting organizations in our network and growing our community.  

Girls in the Lead platform provides:

  1. Webinars on current topics in Sport for Development fostering the South to North transfer of knowledge and skills.
  2. Online coachings, classes and resource materials to bring sport for development organizations together to learn from one another to better serve our communities.
  3. A centralized membership network to provide more benefits to our sport for development community in the future.

By supporting the work of Girls in the Lead and joining our community, you help us continue to grow our platform and centralize work in sport for development to better reach our goals.

Long-Term Impact

The ultimate goal is a world full of strong girls and safe communities. Sports for Development working with education and health is the way to achieve it. Our platform helps scale the best ideas and accelerate transformation of the sports for development landscape to be more focused on gender, impact and resiliency. We started with 6 partners and now attract over 100 groups who collectively serve over 10,000 girls and women annually. We want to double our reach and impact in 2 years.