Fundraising in Sport for Development

Covid-19 pandemic has created challenges for fundraising in the field of Sport for Development. Funds are scarce, which calls for innovative, joint solutions within the international development and sports community to sustain sports as a tool to bring positive social change. 

Sports and Finance for Development

White paper by insPoweredBy and iGravity for sports organizations and practitioners, donors as well as the finance community to join forces and apply innovative, outcome-based finance to transform young people’s lives through sport, physical activity and active play.

Fundraising in Sport for Development

The 2020 State of the Sector Report captures the fundraising response in Global Sport for Development. In September 2020, Laureus Sport for Good, theInternational Platform on Sport and Development, streetfootballworld and the Sport for Development Coalition partnered with Oaks Consultancy to benchmark fundraising performance across the sector and analyse the impact of COVID-19 on income.