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Any sports for development organization is welcome to join our network. To become a member of Girls in the Lead  – you need to agree to our membership pledge and fill out the membership form found below.

Membership Pledge

We are committed to working towards more opportunities for girls to lead: both as players and coaches and as project and program leaders setting the agenda and making resource decisions.

  • Continue to work towards a world where girls and women can determine their own future
  • Complete the annual GirlsintheLead self-audit and report on our progress
  • Join and promote the annual Girls Lead! campaign on our platforms
  • Share all our relevant resources, learning, knowledge and research with the Girls in the Lead platform so we all benefit

Our Members

Watoto Wasoka

We organise football activities for girls to play, learn and thrive through sports in Uganda.
Children come for skateboarding, and stay for arts-based education.

Play it Forward Zambia

We use sport (Football) as a tool to empower girls through SRHR and Life skills education.

Young Achievement Sports for Development

Soccer (Football) Cricket Netball Hockey
We offer a surf therapy program for at-risk youths in Trinidad. Female participation is approx. 30%
We Yone use the power of Sport to advocate for children's Rights in Slums and Rural communities

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