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Any sports for development organization is welcome to join our network. To become a member of Girls in the Lead  – you need to agree to our membership pledge and fill out the membership form found below.

Membership Pledge

We are committed to working towards more opportunities for girls to lead: both as players and coaches and as project and program leaders setting the agenda and making resource decisions.

  • Continue to work towards a world where girls and women can determine their own future
  • Complete the annual GirlsintheLead self-audit and report on our progress
  • Join and promote the annual Girls Lead! campaign on our platforms
  • Share all our relevant resources, learning, knowledge and research with the Girls in the Lead platform so we all benefit

Our Members

Children come for skateboarding, and stay for arts-based education.

Play it Forward Zambia

We use sport (Football) as a tool to empower girls through SRHR and Life skills education.

Young Achievement Sports for Development

Soccer (Football) Cricket Netball Hockey
We offer a surf therapy program for at-risk youths in Trinidad. Female participation is approx. 30%
We Yone use the power of Sport to advocate for children's Rights in Slums and Rural communities

World Parks, World Cup

Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park girls cross border football league & general educational sessions

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