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Membership Pledge

We are committed to working towards more opportunities for girls to lead: both as players and coaches and as project and program leaders setting the agenda and making resource decisions.

  • Continue to work towards a world where girls and women can determine their own future
  • Complete the annual GirlsintheLead self-audit and report on our progress
  • Join and promote the annual Girls Lead! campaign on our platforms
  • Share all our relevant resources, learning, knowledge and research with the Girls in the Lead platform so we all benefit

Our Members

We offer a surf therapy program for at-risk youths in Trinidad. Female participation is approx. 30%
We Yone use the power of Sport to advocate for children's Rights in Slums and Rural communities

World Parks, World Cup

Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park girls cross border football league & general educational sessions

Sports for Hope and Independence

We use sport to empower girls. We provide a safe space for the girls to play football, rugby.

LEAP Sports Scotland

We support a network of LGBTIQ+ sports groups in Scotland. Covid-dependent we will run a project designed to collect the experience of LGB womxn in sport. We ensure that sport and physical activity in Scotland is fully inclusive of LGBTIQ+ people e.g advocating for clearer and more inclusive trans policies in sport. We improve sport and physical activity’s connection with LGBTIQ+ people (and vice-versa) across Scotland, creating points of access and engagement. We increase public engagement and awareness of LGBTIQ+ people in sport and physical activity.

Girl Determined

Girl Determined works to equip girls with the skills, confidence and support system to navigate the changing landscape of Myanmar, increasing their access to new potential benefits, while avoiding the growing number of pitfalls. Since 2010 we have been working with girls aged 12-17 in rural and urban communities to develop girls’ abilities to take hold of their life’s course. Girl Determined programs enhance girls’ ability to make strategic life-decisions, manage their money, take care of their bodies and minds and organize positive social change around issues that affect them. In 2013, with support from Women Win International and Standard Chartered Bank, we began developing a sport program to compliment our core Colorful Girls Circles leadership programming. In Myanmar sports is often not seen as something that is appropriate for adolescent girls, as social taboos which exist in society generally are reflected in sport. By challenging these restrictive social norms, we have now provided quality sports programming (using volleyball in particular) to meet both the interest and the diverse capacity of around 8,000 teenage girls of all backgrounds and abilities across the country. We use volleyball to compound the lessons learned in the Circles and bring physical health and body confidence to the fore. In addition to the clear individual benefits of sports, including fitness, building patience and reliance, and problem-solving skills, gender norms in some communities are beginning to shift around expected and accepted behaviors for girls. With this change comes honest conversation about safety and security, rights and future opportunities for girls. By now, nearly a quarter of our community-based coaches are young women who completed two years of circles and sports program as girls. Identifying young leaders in the community help to grow the program in a manner that continues to be deeply rooted in localized institutions.

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