Online sports platform launched by Seitenwechsel: Cool Sports for Cool Girls

What is Seitenwechsel?

Seitenwechsel was founded in 1988 as a sports club for women, and is now the largest sports club for women and girls, and trans, intersex and non-binary community in Europe. Its club members promote sports for girls because they have discovered the value and potential of exercise and movement to girls – and want to pass this positive experience on to the next generations of women.

What is Cool Sports for Cool Girls?

It is often challenging to find information about what sports activities are available in your area – especially for girls and young women, but also for parents and teachers. Details on the content of the sports clubs, such as who the activities are directed to – levels of classes offered, goals and values of coaches are important to know when choosing a sports club. Interest in online classes has increased especially during the lockdown. All this is offered on a new, online platform “Cool Sports for Cool Girls” established by Seitenwechsel, where all information on local sports clubs and online classes is gathered together. 

The goal is to get every sports club in Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain involved on the platform – to include more girls and fall in love with sports.

Stay tuned – more news coming up here in the spring: www.coole-maedchen.de.

If you want to get involved or have any suggestions, please contact itong.ehrke@seitenwechsel-berlin.de

Annual Sports Festival for Girls - Leyla Runs

Seitenwechsel also has an annual sports festival for girls – Leyla Runs. 

Leyla Runs is intended to show girls and young women the variety of  sports options available to them and how girls and women can be active in all kinds of sports – including those that are “atypical for women”.

In 2020, another festival was added that is especially suitable to include girls in wheelchairs – Leyla Rolls. The girls have been excited about Seitenwechel’s annual indoor roller-skating discos, so it was held wanted outdoors in the summer as well. It was a success,  despite the pandemic, and was organised according to the hygiene regulations. You could feel the excitement of the girls, who clearly wanted to have fun and release energy after the long lockdown.


Music, an asphalt surface, roller skates to borrow, a lot of disinfectant and slush ice for everyone to cool down.

Next year will be the 20th anniversary of Leyla Runs and second of Leyla Rolls – stay up-to-date what celebrations we are planning here!