About Us

After 15 years of direct delivery of sports programs and acting on existing gender inequalities in urban areas around the world,  Girls in the Lead was initiated to serve as a network joining the expertise of established girls’ empowerment organisations using sports as tool for social change across the globe. Gender equality, one of the UN’s Global Sustainable Development Goals, is a critical force that can reduce poverty and inequalities across the globe. While many organizations have tried to tackle this problem through sports programming, most are unable to reach their full potential.

Our Mission

Girls in the Lead supports the capacity building of girls’ and women’s empowering sports development organizations – opening a network for best-practice exchange and encouraging the interdisciplinary sharing of knowledge within national and international contexts.

Our Goals

  1. Improve the organisational capacity of established organisations working in the field of girls’ and women’s empowerment in program design, impact assessment, and advocacy
  2. Opening opportunities for professional exchange for partner organisations, fostering the South to North transfer of knowledge and skills within the field of girls’ and women’s empowerment
  3. Enhancing global advocacy for the aims and work of girls’ and women’s empowerment projects and organisations