Empowering Girls and Women Everywhere: Welcome to Girls in the Lead

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?Girls can?t do sports.?

?Girls aren?t strong enough.?

?Why do we need girl-led organizations anyway? ?

The quotes above represent the narrative of what?s been fed to girls and women around the world. We are treated as inferior and deemed incapable. We are left out of conversations about girls and women in sports and sidelined when our organizations amplify the voices of girls and women loudly and proudly. 

From the USA to India, organizations have been facing the challenges of girls and women head-on and it?s time for us to be heard. Girls and women are the future and will not be ignored. To become a bridge of expertise and knowledge, we are coming together for a greater purpose. We are building a stronger, international community to help girls and organizations lead from countries around the world.

Girls in the Lead (GIL) is an e-learning platform that provides online resources to enhance the effectiveness of international girls? and women?s empowerment organizations. With partners from India, Kenya, Germany, South Africa, Sweden, and the USA, we are building each other up to better prepare our girls for their futures as leaders in their community.

To the girl who believes they can achieve anything?

To the woman who fights for a seat at the table?

To the organization who advocates for girls and women everywhere?

This network is for you.

This platform is for you.

Join us at girlsinthelead.org and use #shero to show your support.

By: Lucy Ingaiza and Sojourner White, GIL Team Members