queer rights background

10 December 2020, 14-15h (CET)

Girls in the Lead wants to center girls and youth in the discussion about how to make sports clubs and associations better spaces for queer and trans people. Girls in the Lead is an international learning collaborative of sports for development projects for girls and women.

As the founder of Boxgirls in Germany and later helping girls’ activists get started in Nairobi and Cape Town, we have worked to create space for other queer and trans people in a project that is clearly positioned as a queer feminist organization built to advance girls’ and women’s rights and challenge structural discrimination.

Often we only consider the perspectives of adults when we discuss opening of sports clubs to a wider explicit inclusion of sexual orientation and gender identity. We would like to start a discussion with practitioners about sexual orientation and gender identity and the specific opportunities and challenges of working with girls and youth.

We would like to share and build on the work of excellent initiatives like Outsport in the EU, Sports for Social Change Network in Southern Africa, and urban initiatives from Berlin, Stockholm and Delhi. The goal is to build the community and produce a short e resource for other clubs on our platform by March 2021.

We would like to invite you to register for a 1h zoom meetup on Thursday, December 10, 2020 at 14-15h Central European Time, by Thursday December 3, 2020

If you have further questions or ideas for collaboration, please reach out to cameron@boxgirls.org.