10 Ways to Support Girl Empowerment

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We learn. We act. We share. 

As an international network of girls and women?s empowerment organizations, we want to promote collaboration amongst organizations and individuals for a greater impact towards gender equality. We want to see girls and women in leading positions across the globe, especially in the sector of sport for development. While this means uplifting participants in girls and women?s programming, we should also be supporting the gender practitioners around the world who are advocating for women?s rights. Everyone has a role to play. Let?s find yours. Here are ten ways to support your nearest woman to empower women and girls around you.

Social media and network sharing

1. Share, like, follow, retweet, and connect with other women leaders on social media and social networks for professionals. 

2. Do women in your surrounding have good ideas and great talents? Recognize them publicly by promoting their ideas, talents, and achievements in your respective networks.

3. Are you well connected to business leaders, governmental stakeholders, or people with special talents? Share your contacts and networks with organizations in your community.

4. Enable visibility. Think about how you can contribute the idea or aims of the organisation to have a broader reach? Communication and advocacy on social media and in-person can go a long way.

Online tools and self-education

5. Use these tools on gender from Girls in the Lead to reflect and act on gender bias you see every day, such as gender bias and policies in the workplace.

Sharing expertise

6. Be a mentor and coach! Share your knowledge, tips, and experiences with others. Knowledge is power and you never know who you?ll impact.

Community and volunteer support

7. Be a role model. Seek out leadership opportunities to develop and showcase your skills to act as a motivational resource for others. 

8. Do you have some free time to give? Research women?s and girls? empowerment organizations near you, ask what kind of support they need, and offer your time and skills. The leaders will know how you can contribute the best to make a change.

Financial support and career development

9. You can make a financial donation! NGOS, non-profits, and social impact organizations can always use an extra push in funds to improve programming and organizational sustainability. 

10. Support women and girls to access resources with a scholarship or contacts to jobs, fellowships, and/or internship opportunities.

Most importantly: learn, act, share, and get connected! Join the Girls in the Lead Network at www.girlsinthelead.org. We support girls and women’s organizations in the form of capacity building. Our network is a great place to start connecting with other organizations around the world who believe in gender equality. We would love to have you!

By: Sojourner White, GIL Team Member