Check Out the Aspen Institute’s “2019 State of Play” Report

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The Aspen Institute recently published the ?2019 State of Play? report discussing the challenges and trends in children?s sports participation in the U.S. Some of the main highlights from this report include:

1. Family income plays a part in a child?s ability to participate in sports.

– In 2018, only 22% of kids (6-to 12- years-old) in households with incomes

under $25,000 played sports on a regular basis

2. Small-sided games can bring innovation to soccer in urban environments (see p. 17)

3. There is a need for female coaches.

– As of 2018, just 27% of youth sports head coaches were female (see p.20)

Here at Girls in the Lead, we believe that research is a critical driving force in addressing girls? sports participation in the US and abroad. As such, we invite our members to read through the annual ?State of Play? reports posted by the Aspen Institute.